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Welcome to MyHappyKid.com.au!

Hello! And welcome to MyHappyKid. MyHappyKid was created by parents, for parents; helping boys and girls unleash their creativity and send their imagination soaring!


Once upon a time, I worked for a global corporation. Knowing that there was something bigger waiting for me in the world outside, I quit my 9-5 to start my own business. But: I didn’t want to create just any business. I wanted to start something that could make a difference for parents and kids everywhere. That’s why I created MyHappyKid; home to high-quality Neoprene kids’ bags. P.S I’ve got a ton of parenting tips to share. I can’t keep them in much longer, so stick around!


I want to introduce to you bags that kids can wear all day long, without worrying about spinal issues. These orthopedic designs are made from hypoallergenic materials that are water-resistant and have passed all relevant tests – included ROHS, REACH and CPSIA.


These bags are lightweight and soft, with padded mash for extra comfort and ventilation. Kids love them, and you will too – seeing as they also teach kids to be independent and carry their own things around. The fact that you’ll be able to spot your kids from a mile away is a bonus!


Help your kids to stand up, shine bright, and BE THEMSELVES!



The MyHappyKid brand offers kid-friendly bag designs suitable for kids 2+. Teach them the value of personal ownership through funky colours and an ergonomic design that keeps their posture (and smiles) in check!